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Meet the CDLU Team

We give our best for your success!

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David and Meri Ann Miller are the Owners of CDLU of Oklahoma. 

Over the last three and a half years, they’ve helped hundreds of Oklahomans earn their commercial driver’s licenses and become elite professional truck drivers in Tulsa and Enid. 

David was born in Fairview, Oklahoma. He graduated from Southwestern Oklahoma State University before attending the University of Nevada, Las Vegas to do graduate work. He then started a successful career at Xerox Corporation, and later owned and operated agencies in partnership with Xerox. 

Meri Ann was born and raised in the Salt Lake City, Utah area. She attended Weber State University with a major in Electronics and started her career with Xerox. She stayed in the industry until joining David at CDLU of Oklahoma. 

The Millers enjoyed successful 30-year careers in Corporate America in the Intermountain West area before deciding to embark on what they felt was the future of America… Trucking!

The Millers have a unique way of understanding their customers and their personal goals. Everyone has a different story. 

They set up individual pathways that guide students through the process of becoming a professional truck driver, maximizing their earnings and enjoying life balance. 

With the experience of running successful businesses throughout their lives, you will often hear them say...“When you listen to what your customer truly needs, it becomes a mutually rewarding long-term relationship . . . for life.”  

Their shared vision for CDLU of Oklahoma’s truck driving school is not only to train people to get their CDL and to help the students become elite safe drivers but also to help each individual realize who they are meant to be. They believe everyone can win!

CDLU of Oklahoma’s team goal is to promote and build students’ confidence, self-esteem and open their horizons to new possibilities all while helping them earn their CDL.


David Calwonsen is the Director of Training at CDLU of Oklahoma.


With a decade of truck driving experience under his belt, he specializes in CDL training and building professional truck drivers. 


David is a strong believer that anything is possible as long as you set your mind on it, stay positive and work hard. 


He not only loves training students for their commercial driver’s license test but also helping change their lives for the better. 


David fits in well with CDLU of Oklahoma with his family-oriented demeanor.


In his time off, he is often found cheering on his children at sporting events or spending quality time at home.

George Liebsch is a world-class instructor at CDLU of Oklahoma.

George has been trucking for almost 20 years, hauling grain and livestock.  He also has experience working in the oil field.

He is a proponent of the timeless adage, “hard work and dedication” and is constantly reminding our students that they can achieve their goals with the combination of commitment and effort.

George spent several years working as a law enforcement officer.  The knowledge he gained in that profession allows him to bring a unique perspective to his teaching methods.  George’s encounters with the disaffected public as a peace officer make him value the positive change he sees in our students lives, both before and after graduation.

In his time away from training, George likes to relax with his wife, Erin, his six children and four grandchildren (plus numbers five and six on the way!).  For George, family time is racing time, hitting dirt tracks on the weekends in the four-state area.

Erin photo_edited_edited.jpg

Erin Liebsch is our Administration Social Support Technician. Some of Erin’s responsibilities include social media posting, coordinating student assignment schedules and registering theory curriculum scoring.


 Erin comes to us with more than 20 years of experience in both the administrative and clinical divisions of both the medical and dental fields. She has a strong work ethic and believes it is her calling to help people become better. She strives to develop, maintain and grow working relationships with all she comes in contact with, both professionally and personally.  Her goal is to make a meaningful difference with those that cross her path.


Personally, Erin has 6 children and 7 grandchildren. Family is very important to her, although to her, family is not just made by blood. She is such a great "Mom" figure that she has a whole group of "kids" and "grandkids" that have been curated over the years. She loves to cook and feed her family, or really anyone that is hungry.  In her free time, she enjoys walking, cooking, reading, taking care of grandkids, binge watching "Grey's Anatomy" and listening to music.

Erin's compassion and understanding are a great asset to our company.

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