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CDLU of Oklahoma
Elite Truck Driving School In Oklahoma!

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At the Best Truck Driving School in Oklahoma, the Answer is Always . . .  

Can you pass the tests to obtain a Class A CDL?

With our help, YES YOU CAN!  With over 35 years of experience, we set ourselves apart from other truck driving schools in Oklahoma because our instructors have the expertise to adapt to your unique way of learning and teach you to master the skills you will need to be successful on test day.


Because our ratio of students to instructors is never more than 5 to 1, our instructors have the time to offer you individual attention.  In fact, at the end of every training day, you will have a one-on-one conference with an instructor to evaluate your progress and discuss strategies to help you continuously improve.


The numbers speak for themselves.  Over 300 students have been through our school, and 97.3% of those who tested now hold a Class A CDL and are gainfully employed.  You can do it!!

But don't take our word for it, find out why our students think CDLU is the best CDL school in Oklahoma!

Can you find a truck driving job?

With our reputation, YES YOU CAN!  Our graduates are professional, competent, and safe.  Employers have recognized that our alumni are quality hires and have begun to specifically ask for applicants who have been through our school.


This has given us the reputation of being the best truck driving school in Oklahoma!  After you complete our course, you can put the power of that reputation to work for you.  A great driving job is out there waiting for you.  You can get it!!

Can you make it in the real world?

With our guidance, YES YOU CAN!  Our curriculum not only makes you successful on test day, but it is also designed to make you successful as an employee in the trucking industry.


We will expose you to the rules and regulations you will need to know as a truck driver, such as hours of service and drug testing, and we will give you practical knowledge, such as how to properly handle cargo and what to expect at a roadside inspection.


In addition, our instructors have a vast amount of experience, giving them valuable wisdom that is unmatched by other truck driving schools in Oklahoma.  You can make it!!

Listen to our president, David C. Miller, explain why the best CDL training happens right here at CDLU!

Can you afford the tuition?

With our assistance, YES YOU CAN!  Grants are available if you qualify, but the only way to find out if you are eligible is to contact us!


We will work with you, sharing ideas about different opportunities you may have available to secure funding.  You can pay for it!!

students learning at truck driving school in oklahoma

When you enter the school you'll be a student but when you leave with your CDL you'll be a part of a family.

Brandon Adams, December 2020 Graduate



Our motto is, “You learn to drive a truck by driving a truck!”


At CDLU of Oklahoma, you will be trained on modern equipment, not simulators.  We use late model International tractors that are very well-maintained and in excellent condition.  When you get behind the wheel of one of our rigs, you will experience instant comfort and confidence because you will immediately recognize that you are about to operate equipment you can trust.

We will also place you in a classroom where you will be instructed using the latest technology.  We have a large private lot where you will be introduced to the basic maneuvers. But because we believe you deserve the best training opportunities, we have contracts with locations in our area that allow us to operate in real commercial settings.


And at CDLU of Oklahoma, inclement weather will not stop your vehicle inspection training.  We have a heated indoor facility large enough to house an entire rig!! You cannot find better accommodations at any other truck driving school in Oklahoma!

two semis at truck driving school in oklahoma

At the Top Truck Driving School in Oklahoma!

“If you bought it, a truck brought it!” 

The truth of that phrase makes obtaining your Class A Commercial Driver's License one of the smartest investments you can make.


The transportation industry is growing rapidly.  That means the demand for competent, safe, and professional truck drivers is also on the rise.  With a Class A CDL your options are limitless.


Of course you can drive, but as you gain experience in the industry that license also affords you the opportunity to move into many other roles, such as dispatcher, fleet manager, or even an entrepreneur!


Your promising financial future can begin right here at the premier truck driving school in Oklahoma, and we would love to show you the way.

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CDL training lessons for success as a first year truck driver.
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CDLU - The Best Truck Driving School in Oklahoma

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