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Elite Truck Driver Training

Unmatched Professionalism and Expertise

Class A CDL Training Is What We Do

CDLU Is The Best Truck Driving School in Oklahoma

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World-Class Instruction

With over 35 years of experience, we set ourselves apart from other truck driving schools in Oklahoma because our instructors have the expertise to adapt to your unique way of learning and teach you to master the skills you will need to be successful on test day.

Because our ratio of students to instructors in never more than 5 to 1, our instructors have the time to offer you individual attention.  You will have a private conference with your instructor each day to evaluate your progress and discuss strategies to help you continuously improve.

Our instructors make CDLU the best CDL school in Oklahoma!


Top-Grade Equipment

Our motto is, "You learn to drive a truck by driving a truck!"

At CDLU of Oklahoma, you will be trained on modern equipment, not simulators.  We use late model International tractors that are very well-maintained and in excellent condition.  When you get behind the wheel of one of our rigs, you will experience instant comfort and confidence because you will immediately recognize that you are about to operate equipment you can trust.

CDLU offers the best CDL training using the best equipment in Oklahoma!

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Five-Star Facilities

Classroom at CDLU of Oklahoma in Oklahoma City

At CDLU of Oklahoma, we offer you professional training in a professional environment.  Both Enid and OKC have state-of-the-art office and classroom settings.  They also have large private lots where you will learn the backing maneuvers.  And both locations feature a heated indoor facility large enough to house an entire rig!

You will find only the best accommodations at the best truck driving school in Oklahoma!

Relationships That Fund Your Future

We believe in the transformative power of our CDL training program and the crucial role relationships play in funding it.  We are committed to connecting our students with organizations that are passionate about changing lives through meaningful partnerships.

We recognize that your training is not just a personal journey but a collective endeavor that requires the support and collaboration of various stakeholders.

We know that relationships are the cornerstone of success.  And among the relationships we value most at CDLU of Oklahoma are those we have with all of the Oklahoma Tribal Agencies and with Oklahoma Workforce.  Contact your local tribal agency or workforce board to start the process of funding your future!!


(David and Meri Ann Miller are pictured here with Tracy Lick of the Choctaw Nation.  She is an expert at securing funding for CDL training, and we are ready to work together to offer you an opportunity that will change your future!)

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Who We Are

By The Numbers

The numbers speak for themselves.  CDLU of Oklahoma is an industry leader.  We know how to train truck drivers.  The stats make us the obvious choice for your driver training needs.


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Pass Rate


First-Time Passers

Our Services

We Offer a Range of Services to Meet Your Needs

CDLU of Oklahoma is a one stop shop for all of your driver training needs.  We provide professional Class A instruction.  We issue entry level driver training (ELDT) certifications.  And we administer the CDL skills test.

Class A CDL Training

ELDT Certification

State Testing

Where We Are

Our Locations

We are one school in two locations.  You can get the best CDL training in Oklahoma in Enid or Oklahoma City!

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