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Training Insights

Professionalism And Expertise

The Training You Need

The training you need is the training that will help you pass the CDL skills test and help you prepare for success in the transportation industry.


This is the training CDLU of Oklahoma offers.  Your future is our top priority.


We are committed to providing you with the best training resources.  We only hire professional, experienced instructors who are devoted to their students.  We pride ourselves on purchasing and maintaining a late model fleet of trucks and trailers.  And we ensure that our schools are located in first-class facilities.


CDLU of Oklahoma has the Class A CDL training you need!

Pre-Trip Inspection

Our pre-trip inspection training is the hallmark of our curriculum.  We have spent countless hours developing an instructional method that you cannot find anywhere else in the country.  The techniques we use are proven.  They have worked for hundreds of students, and they will work for you!


Backing a big rig can be an intimidating task, but not at CDLU of Oklahoma.  You will be placed in a safe environment and be given step by step instructions that will show you exactly how to back a tractor trailer into various locations from a number of positions.  Our instructors are patient and understanding and will be there to guide you and build your confidence each time you are behind the wheel!


At CDLU of Oklahoma, you will learn how to operate a big rig on public roadways . . . safely!  Safety is foremost in our training.  Safety will be foremost on test day.  And safety will be the critical factor to your success as a truck driver.  Our instructors know safety.  They will teach you to be calm, patient, and confident in the most challenging traffic environments!

Personalized Training

CDLU Is Different

CDLU of Oklahoma is different because we train you, the individual.  We know you are unique, and we value your contribution as a student.  We make it a point to know you and how you learn.  Then we take that knowledge and adapt our instruction to best help you understand and master the skills you will need to pass the CDL test.


Our passion is you and your success.  Our desire is to see you obtain your Class A CDL and embark on a promising future in the transportation industry!

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