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We Offer a Range of Services to Meet Your Needs

CDLU of Oklahoma is a one stop shop for all of your driver training needs.  We provide professional Class A instruction.  We issue entry level driver training (ELDT) certifications.  And we administer the CDL skills test.

Class A CDL Training

At CDLU of Oklahoma, we will teach you the rules and regulations you need to know to pass the written examination.  We will teach you how to conduct a thorough vehicle inspection.  We will teach you how to perform the backing maneuvers.  And we will teach you how to operate a big rig on public roadways. 


But at CDLU of Oklahoma, we go beyond the basic knowledge and skills needed to pass the Class A CDL examination.  We will teach you about the transportation industry.  We will teach you about life on the road.  We will teach you how to be safe in any environment and help you understand the critical role safety will play in your future career.


We are the Class A CDL training experts!


ELDT Certification

Under new state and federal law, you must be ELDT certified before you will be allowed to take the CDL skills test.  ELDT stands for Entry-Level Driving Training.  And ELDT certification can only be granted by a school that has been reviewed by the federal government and listed on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s Training Provider Registry (TPR).


CDLU of Oklahoma was not only the first school in Oklahoma but was one of the very first in the country to be listed on the TPR.  The expert instructors at CDLU will instruct you and ELDT certify you in all phases of Class A CDL training.


We are the ELDT certification experts!

State Testing

If you choose CDLU of Oklahoma for your Class A CDL training needs, you can avoid the scheduling conflicts and anxiety of visiting the Department of Public Safety for your CDL skills test.  CDLU has a state-certified examiner on staff.


No stress, no anxiety, no conflict.  The CDL skills test will be the final stage of your CDLU training, and the examination will be administered at the school with people you will know.

We are the state testing experts!

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